Are you a fan of SCP or do you enjoy something scary to play? Then this add-on is for you! It adds a custom mob into your world and it has custom animations, and very unique AI

SCP-096 or also known as shy guy is a monster from an original game SCP containment breach. Oh, you think this mob is just dumb like any other mob? No this 096 has a very unique AI, no mob in any add-on have this kind of AI

This 096 act almost like the real 096 once you looked at it then try to build up or dig straight down because whatever you do you will still end up getting killed by it

Once you look at it then tried to run away as far as possible, Because you will get killed instantly. Don’t try to fight against it. That’s suicide!

This 096 has 3 ability:

  1. Unstopable: Can break every block in raging stage, climbing, diving and swimming
  2. Leaping: Jump to any mob that looked at 096
  3. Left no traces: When 096 can’t kill the victims with his normal attacks, it’ll use its strongest attack to kill the victim completely

096 leap at target


  • SCP-096 will make scary noises if the player is near
  • SCP-096 had abilities to seek out the players and kill them instantly
  • SCP-096 will catch the player in the most unique ways
  • It move faster than the players
  • It have 50000 heath
  • It’s very rare

Credit: Thanks 鸥吃鱼 for helping me secure my addon even more

Sound of 096 is from SCP SL: you can download the game here: SCP SL

Video: showing how 096 works

Note: don’t play with this addon in your survival world or your SCP sites

Warning this mob can grief your world So make sure to back up the world if you don’t want it to destroy your build

If you used the addon for map or on YouTube, please give me  a credits

Note from me: Don’t play in flat world because you don’t get to see all the abilities if you play in flat world

  • Updated the model and animations
  • Added unique AI for 096
  • Added the Dummy
  • Added new sounds for 096
  • Added 3 new abilities for 096
  • Added videos showing how 096 works
  • Updated the model and animations
  • Added unique AI for 096
  • Added the Dummy 
  • Added new sounds for 096
  • Added 3 new abilities for 096
  • Fixed weird animation when it enter enraged mode
  • added new walking animation when it not in enraged mode
  • SCP-096 will attack anything that viewed it’s face
  • changed the sound when it’s getting hurt less louder
  • changed the eating animation
  • Changed the model and the texture
  • SCP-096 now will sit down
  • Updated animations
  • Added new eating animation
  • SCP-096 will no longer kill each other
  • SCP-096 will kill villager if it seen one
  • SCP=096 will only spawn on the snowy mountain
  • SCP-096 is longer detected enemy when it’s not see it
  • New sounds
  • Added new animations for SCP-096
  • SCP-096 will be able to break down the block on it way in version beta 1.11+
  • Make it’s look more lively
  • Sometimes it’s may sit down
  • Make it work on newer version
  • Fixed SCP-096 AI make it’s focusing on the player and will only stop one the player look at it died
  • Fixed duplicated packs bugs
  • Add new color for the spawn egg
  • Still not working on beta version right now 


  • Download the 096 addon V3 or the zip file
  • Click skip ad
  • if it send you to the other website then go back and do it again
  • don’t click allow click deny
  • You don’t need to turn on experimental gameplay in the world settings for it to work anymore
  • Apply both RP and BP in to your world. Don’t forget to apply both of them in your world settings 
  • This version work on version 1.14
  • Attention: if you already installed the old version of this then deleted it immediately because if you installed this with the older one in there it will get the same bugs and the addon won’t work


Supported Minecraft versions


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