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Welcome to 10 command creations. This world has 10 cool and simple command creations that will blow your mind! These command creations range from Easy, Medium, to hard. Some of the creations uses advanced commands, so hopefully you can learn something new from this world! I will say most of these command creations are pretty easy, so feel free to try them on your worlds!

Welcome to 10 Command Creations! This map is fully Nether theme based. 

Starting the map, you will spawn at the Lobby!

At the lobby you can use the NPC to teleport to the Creations Area!

There will be 10 different creations for you to look through.

All these creations are unique in their own ways! Some creations are pretty simple to make.

At the end there is a surprise creation which uses command blocks and custom texture pack to do 2 different things!

The builds weren’t the best, but after all this was a command creations map. If you have any suggestions let me know in the comments.

If you’re going to make a video on this, please give me credits it would be really appreciated!

Add me on xbox live: ColoringEmy86

Discord: ! ! notbeer#3751


Click the blue text saying “Click me to DOWNLOAD” to download the world!


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