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15 Seconds, was a popular game mode by Sethbling. The objective of it is simple, you have 15 seconds to beat a parkour course. There are a total of 15 seconds and a surprise quiz at the end, There were some variations of 15 seconds on mobile, but I wanted to make an different version. 

15th seconds was a very popular mini game back in the early 2010s created the redstone engineer, Sethbling, however it has seemingly become more irrelevant. I wanted to make a different version of the game for mobile, and not the same levels cause that already exists in a another map.

So 15 seconds is a parkour course type of mini game, which revolves around when you respawn, you’ll have 15 seconds to beat the obstacle course. If you die, you restart the level and you keep trying until you beat the level. There are a total of 15 levels, ranging from easy difficulty, to very hard, which includes everything from enderpearling to islands to using a tnt cannon to launch yourself.

This game has been tested already with some my friends to find any potential flaws, to see everything was good, and all of them could beat the game with no reported issues.

Warning: This game is meant for single player only, other people can watch at the same time, but only one person is allowed to run the course at a time.

First Beginning Level.

Square of Doom.

Quick Drop.

Slow Drop.

Enderpearl Level.

Here’s some footage of me running the some of the course:


Click the button and download the file from Mediafire. Afterwards, click on it and click upload to Minecraft. 

If that doesn’t work, try downloading a app called Documents, upload the file to documents and search for it in there and upload it to Minecraft from there.


Supported Minecraft versions

1.15 (beta)

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