8BitDo has made an NES-themed wireless mouse for your PC


8BitDo has gained something of a reputation for making a number of retro-themed accessories for modern consoles, including a wide range of controllers, wireleless adapters, and more. Until now, aside from the nostalgic appeal, the company’s accessories have been focused on gaming, but now it has launched a mouse for your PC.

Called the 8BitDo N30, the new mouse follows the firm’s theme of retro-styled accessories, and it looks a whole lot like what you’d expect from an NES controller. The mouse buttons are round and red, just like the old NES gamepad, and on the side of the mouse, there’s a D-pad. It’s not there just for looks, though, and you can actually use the D-pad’s buttons when browsing the web, with actions such as going back to the previous page or moving the page up and down.

To keep in line with the NES aesthetic, the 8BitDo N30 doesn’t have a scroll wheel, but the area between the two mouse buttons is touch-sensitive, so you can still use it as a regular mouse.

The mouse was designed in collaboration with Daniel Jansson, who initially came up with the idea of a retro-style computer mouse over 10 years ago. In terms of ergonomics, it doesn’t seem like it would be the best option, but you can buy it for $24.99 straight from 8BitDo, even if it’s just as a collector’s item.

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