9 Best Portable Chargers For Your Smartphones and Devices in 2020


Even the best smartphones on the market have a common enemy–the low battery warning. Even the best-rated smartphone can run low on juice after extended use, and you may not always be around a wall outlet when it happens. Save the stress and hassle by picking up a charger and we’ve rounded up the best portable chargers for you below.

There are so many portable chargers on the market, though. We’ve found nine quality portable chargers, each with different functionalities to fit your needs. We’ve also identified who should buy each charger, so there’s bound to be a portable charger for you in the list below!

    Aukey Basix Pro
    A number of powerbanks offer wireless charging, but the Aukey Basix Pro allows you to wirelessly fast charge your device while having it propped up in landscape mode. This is perfect for charging and watching YouTube in cramped travel areas, and saves you from buying a kickstand case.
    GoerTek Solar Charger
    With solar charging power, this GoerTek battery pack is perfect to stash in the car or with camping gear for emergencies. If you’re worried about your phone and powerbank running dry while exploring the Great Outdoors, a solar battery pack will put your mind at ease.
    T-Core Power Bank
    Bulky, heavy powerbanks can be an absolute chore to carry around. T-Core’s battery pack is built to be small and light-weight, making it easy to slip into a purse or laptop bag without adding bulk. It packs in 10,000mAh of battery capacity, so you’re pretty covered for a fair few charges.
    Anker PowerCore
    While this battery pack isn’t as strong as other power banks on this list, the low price and compact nature of Anker’s PowerCore make it an easy choice for a backup.
    Mophie Powerstation

    AC Outlet For Laptop Charges

    Morphie’s battery pack really stands out due to its ability to have an AC charged plugged into it, in addition to 22,000 mAh capacity. You can charge your laptop as well as your mobile device!
    RAVPower Portable Charger

    RAVPower Quick Charging Quality

    If you want reliable quick charging, then you can’t go wrong with RAVPower. This basic 20,000 mAh battery pack will get the job done, and get it done quickly.
    iMuto 30,000 mAh Portable Charger

    Big Battery for Multiple Charges

    iMuto’s portable charger is one of few on the market with 30,000 mAh of power, meaning that it can charge more before needing a charge itself. However, this is not an air-travel-friendly charger, so this battery pack is for domestic use only!
    Samsung 25W Wireless Portable Battery

    Samsung Price, Samsung Quality

    Samsung’s battery pack is more expensive than the competition, but with the premium name comes a premium and sleek product. You can also bundle it with a phone or other accessories for payment plans to make the price easier to swallow.
    RAVPower 80W AC Portable Charger

    RAVPower Charge for Laptop and Smartphone

    Another battery pack that has an AC port, RAVPower’s AC charger can power your laptop or your mobile devices, and has 20,ooo mAh capacity. It’s a bit of an odd shape compared to the Morphie pack, but you can’t argue with the RAVPower name!

With so many battery packs on the market, you can be sure these will stand up to the test. My personal recommendation is the Aukey Basix Pro, and it’s my go-to for day-to-day use, especially with my aging phone’s slowly failing battery.

Which battery pack or powerbank do you use? Let us know in the comments!

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