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AceEntities Adds
•3D Guns

•3D weapons

•Flying Cars


•Supernatural Entities

to the game.

This Add-on doesn’t replace anything within game

I’ve Added a new entity called Accelerator from an anime called Toaru Kagaku No Accelerator and a mob similar to wolf but once you tame it, it’ll turn into a monster and fight for you

Accelerator & Phoenix they both are capable of defeating minecraft wither with ease

Accelerator is now capable of defeating minecraft ender dragon with ease

Only guns may not work in multiplayer, the host can shoot people, but other players can not use the gun’s full auto[will break blocks for other players who joined the world]. This is Minecraft’s food bug that I presume cannot be fixed.

AceEntities best survival update:

Watch the following video to know how the Add-on works:

3D Gun:

How 3D weapons works:

As you join the world you’ll get a book for instruction and recipes [Note:If you don’t get any book on joining the world, then the Add-on hasn’t imported properly]

Drone and Car’s Colour can be changed using dye

You can also change drone’s equipment [Bow and Gun is only available for now]

Cars can be locked and unlocked [owner of the car only has access to lock and unlock]

3D weapons: 

Ace Gauntlet

Valhalla Blade

Ace Staff

Nano Blade

Chain Axe

3D Minigun:

3D Chainsaw:

ToAru characters & new zombie boss[Demolition]:

Yes, These weapons are 3D in first person and third person

Type /function provide_guns to get all guns

Type /function provide_melees to get all melee weapons

Type /function provide_all to get all weapons

How to get Boss:

After killing wither you’ll get Azrroid boss spawn egg

You can find Demolition by mountain, hills and extreme hills

Make sure you are in Netherite armor and you have Ace Staff before going to fight with the boss

To know how to update Add-on in-game and in-world watch the video below:

Add-on will update with time!

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What’s new

  • Added 3D Minigun and Chainsaw
  • Added new zombie boss
  • More ToAru Characters has added
  • Accelerator has learned some new abilities
  • Azrroid Boss AI fixed
  • Trade system has updated

What’s new

  • MediaFire link has been added

If you’re having problem with google drive link use MediaFire link

What’s new

  • 3D Guns has been added, all 15 guns are now 3D
  • Multiplayer friends joining the world with flame animation fixed
  • Phoenix despawn when not around fixed
  • some minor bugs fixed
  • New gun mechanism has been added

What’s new

  • 3D weapons
  • Boss lag has been reduced to almost null
  • Some bug has been fixed from drone, phoenix and car

Newly updated weapons are no longer for crafting [buy it from weapon smith villager]

Recommend to play this new update in a new world

  • Fixed some minor bugs
  • Some recipes are fixed
  • You can repair melee weapon with nano armor

This is not a new update but a fix update so you can update this addon in your minecraft by removing the old one from Setting>Storage[In Minecraft] remove behavior and resource pack then install this version with Es File Explorer

•New Melee Weapons Added

•New Boss Added

•Minor Bug fixed

•Accelerator is more stronger now

  • Added 15 Guns & Ammo Box
  • Added Drones [Can Change Colour with dye]
  • Added Car [Can Change Colour with dye]
  • Added Anime Character and Supernatural Entity

Added 15 Guns & Ammo Box

Added Drones [Can Change Colour with dye]

Added Car [Can Change Colour with dye]

Added Anime Character and Supernatural Entity

Fixed minor bugs

drones now can change their equipment

Gun’s Texture looks a bit realistic

Ammo box is now 3d


Use Es FileExplorer to install the addon, if it doesn’t automatically install


Supported Minecraft versions


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