APEX 2020 concept phone teased with 60W fast wireless charging


Update (02/27/2020 @ 04:45 AM ET): Vivo has shared yet another teaser video for the APEX 2020 concept phone, revealing additional details. Scroll to the bottom for more information. The original article is preserved below.

Chinese OEM Vivo was expected to showcase its APEX 2020 concept smartphone at the Mobile World Congress trade show this year. However, the trade show was canceled due to the ongoing coronavirus outbreak and therefore, the APEX 2020 announcement was delayed. Although Vivo had pulled out of the event before it was officially canceled, the company had already gone ahead and set up advertisements for the concept smartphone around the venue in Barcelona. Thanks to this, we got our first look at the device late last week and we learned that the device will feature a gimbal-like stabilization technology on the primary 48MP camera and 5-7.5x optical zoom on the secondary camera. Now, just a day ahead of the official announcement, Vivo has released a teaser for the APEX 2020 concept on Weibo, revealing another interesting detail about the device.

Vivo APEX 2020 60W wireless charging

According to the post in question, the Vivo APEX 2020 concept will be officially revealed tomorrow and it will feature ultra-fast flash wireless charging. While the post doesn’t highlight the wattage of the fast charging technology on the device, the attached poster has a graphic that spells out 60W. This leads us to believe that the APEX 2020 concept will feature 60W fast wireless charging, something that we haven’t seen on any previous smartphone.

However, given that the APEX 2020 is a concept smartphone, the 60W fast wireless technology is probably not close to commercialization in mass-market devices. Another issue that plagues wireless charging is that it generates a lot of heat and this issue will, most likely, amplify manyfold on the APEX 2020 concept as it’s transferring significantly more power than any other smartphone wireless charging technology out there. This is probably the reason why the technology is currently being tested on a concept smartphone. Nonetheless, it will be quite interesting to see how Vivo managed to achieve such a feat on the APEX 2020 and how it will translate to real-world use.

Source: Weibo

Update: The Vivo APEX 2020 concept phone will feature a waterfall display

Vivo has shared yet another teaser video for the upcoming APEX 2020 concept smartphone on Weibo. The latest teaser video reveals more details about the smartphone’s design and showcases its curved waterfall display in all its glory.

Additionally, the post claims that the device will feature an all-in-one integrated screen, continuous optical zoom, a super stable micro gimbal main camera, and ultra-fast flash wireless charging. On top of that, the company also promises many more surprises that will be announced when the device is officially unveiled tomorrow.

Source: Weibo

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