Apex Legends Is Getting Spooky For Halloween, With A Dark Map And Zombie Game Mode


Apex Legends is running a Halloween event from October 15-November 5 called Fight or Fright. It’ll introduce stuff like skins, cosmetics and a game mode centred around zombies, and will also see the return of Kings Canyon, only now the lights are out.

This spookier Kings Canyon isn’t just for effect, it’s part of a temporary game mode called Shadowfall, which sees dead players reanimated as a zombie and put on a team called “Shadow Squad”. This takes away your weapons and legend abilities in exchange for a melee attack, faster movement, bigger jumps and the ability to scale walls.

The game continues as normal while more and more players become zombies (who are free to attack anyone), but once there are only ten “living” players left, teams are combined and the objective changes, Left 4 Dead style, to reaching an “evac ship” while trying to stay alive.

As for the other stuff, here’s a short rundown (EA’s emphasis, not mine):

  • Exclusive event challenges with free earnable cosmetics, including Two Legendary Weapon Skins
  • 24 Event Limited premium cosmetics that players can now unlock in one of three ways:Direct purchase for Apex CoinsDirect unlock with Crafting MetalsRandom unlock with Event Apex Packs Additionally, the Event Currency in these packs has been replaced with non-event loot drops, yielding more loot overall
  • Lifeline Heirloom Set PreviewUnlock all 24 Fight or Fright pack cosmetics during the event and unlock the Lifeline Heirloom set for free
  • Double XP for Top 5 & Wins Weekend

While the full details are at the announcement page.

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