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This shader is a side project made by me with the help of a few more people. Some elements of this shader also comes from a tutorial video serie by KK3310. It is a shader that aims to make your minecraft world more vibrant without ruining other elements of the game.

IIn this shader pack you will receive…

– Enhanced Lighting.

– Vibrant ambient colors.

– Lively trees with waving waters.

– Custom day, rain and night sky colors.

– Custom textures on certain particles.

– Improved Nether

– And many more…

It is also recommended to use the shader with the in-game brightness set to 50 or above.


This is the first version of the shader, please give us suggestions if you’d like to see another update.

You may modify this shader at your own use or use some of the code to create your own shaders. If you wish to create a video about the shader, please link the MCPEDL page in the description.

Thank you for giving the shader a shot if you have!

This shader was last updated on October 11th, version 1.0.


Supported Minecraft versions


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