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🍂Autumn Pack🍂
I was inspired by the time when the leaves of the trees fall to the
ground and you want to let yourself fall in them enjoy these
autumn textures with new styles of flowers [If you find an error 
you can report it here in the comments or on youtube]

Thanks to Jicklus for letting me convert his fall leaf textures to bedrock edition

My twitter – Rps_Studio_MCPE [this is a link you can click whenever you want]
My Xbox – Y4H1RX 11
My Youtube – Y4H1RX 11 [this is a link you can click whenever you want]
My discord – Y4H1RX 11#1356

It is important that you report an error in the texture or color generation of the world

This texture has everything that appears in the images, if you have an idea, tell me on YouTube or here in the comments I hope you like it 🙂

🍂Video of how it would look with a decorated house and place🍂

-Leaves and Bug fixed Update-

1-New Leaves and door


3- In version 10 the Jickus sheets were changed for new ones but you can download the old version on my site

Bug Fixed Update

1-Shader fixed

2-Texture leaves fixed

3-Title fixed

4-Textures fixed

This is the last update that completely eliminates the textures that had been added in the package since several did not know but these textures had permission to use so that people did not believe that and reported without knowing if they had permission even that it was better to remove them. that only the textures and shaders that I made remain, see you until next time

-Last update-

I have something to say about this latest update and it is something that several did not know and it is that the textures that it had were some of mine and some of mizuno’16 since the creator was asked for some of its textures with Ray_E but people never had Asked if I asked for them or not, so what happened is a copyright claim which I don’t know why it happened but only because most did not know that I had asked for the textures but since there was a copyright claim, I decided to eliminate those textures that is why you will hardly see almost anything in the texture pack just some textures from Jicklus with your permission to use

👻Spooky Update It is now available🎃

1-New water [only for spooky update🎃]

2-New Items [only for spooky update🎃]

3-New blocks [only for spooky update🎃]

4-New addon [only for spooky update🎃]

5-New textures [only for spooky update🎃]

6- Bugfixed – [available for both packages 🎉]

New decoration and more Update

1-New Windows

2-New Blocks

3-New animals

4-New snow texture and more

5-Bug fixed

🍂-New PVP Update-🍂

1- New autumn-themed items

2- New autumn-themed armor

3- fixes the grass bug where the bottom corners were a different color

4- New sound when there is rain

New update fix bugs

1- New Title the Minecraft 

2- The error where the sheets from before appear is corrected

3 – fixed the error where the shaders appear a bit bugged for android

4- a new pasture was added in the villages

New Texture Update [Part 2]

1-New logs texture and planks

2-Flower and grass Updated

3-New Work benches Texture

4-New Web site

5-Bug fixed

-Bug fixed Text-

1-change name [old – Autumn pack beta 2.5]  [new – Autumn pack 4.3.1]

🍂New Texture Update 🍂

1-New textures

2-Shader [Bug fixed]

3-Alpha textures [Removed]

4-Bug fixed


Guide how to install it

1 – Choose which one you want to download the version of supports the creator or direct ink

2 – download the file [In linkvertise, wait 10 seconds and then you have to see the ads that are there, then you have to continue and you have to go to the download link]

3 – open the file you downloaded then start minecraft and enjoy the package


Supported Minecraft versions

1.16 (beta)



Source link


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