Bedrock – Aculos’ Custom Terrain


This terrain has a number of exciting features. including a winding river that is accessible from most areas of the map that interjoin 5 lakes. The entire map has 9 lakes in total. This map is fantastic for survival as the large custom European tree forest is extremely resourceful. You can never have to much wood! There is some lovely picturesque scenes as you can see in the photos.

The world in all is 3k by 3k and I am in the process of creating the 10k by 10k alternative.

Thankyou and I hope you enjoy.

Please leave a comment/suggestions for future uploads.

The Deluxe Edition version of my custom terrain is 10k by 10k as promised and consists of the same terrain, but greatly increased! There is bigger lakes and more detail in certain areas of the terrain. Rivers connect every single lake together apart from 2, which you will have to find out! Still consists of custom trees (I dont like Minecrafts default trees one bit!) and smoothed out areas that blend into the terrain but still are able to be built on, with plenty of room. So get building or just enjoy the landscape! Many thanks and please let me know of any suggestions for future terrains.. thinking of an ice cold terrain next?! Let me know in the comment section. Aculos out!

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I have now added the download link for the 10k by 10k version of this terrain! Enjoy!


To install this amazing custom terrain, just simply download the .mcworld file, open it up and Minecraft will automatically import the world for you!


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