Bedrock Auto Sweeping Bamboo Farm


This is my bamboo farm I have been working on. When i get a bit tired of doing terrains, i put bits of time together to create this! Apologies it took so long, but here it is! This bamboo farm massively produces bamboo (Very great for using as fuel inside a furnace.. Maybe inside my Auto Furnace and Smelter!) It has a huge storage system for the bamboo underneath of the farm, it is very much needed! I filled up a whole double chest in one run of the sweeper, so i am very happy with this creation. Signs on to advise how to use it, its pretty simple. I also put lamps on it so you know when the loaders have stopped loading 😀

Hope you enjoy it and please give me suggestions! Aculos out!


To install this amazing contraption, just simply download the .mcworld file. Once downloaded, open it up and Minecraft will automatically import the world for you!


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