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This add-on adds plants from all Minecraft ores, all plant seeds will be available to craft in Minecraft. The add-on is also inspired by the Magical Crops mod. More information about the add-on below. I hope you like this add-on!

Add-on Information

These are all items and plans that will be available in the add-on.


All handicrafts of seeds and minerals with plant essences are available on the Crop Table, a unique piece that will be hand made on the Craft Table will be the Crop Table.

Crop Table

  • The Crop Table will be used for the crafts of the ore plants and also for crafting the Improved Meal.

Improved Meal

  • Improved Meal will be used to accelerate the growth of ore plants, it will be just like Minecraft Bone Meal except that it will only work on Badrock Crops plants.

Mining Plants

Now I’m going to show you the bedrock crops ore plants.

Coal Crop

  • This is the coal ore plant.

Diamond Crop

  • This is the diamond ore plant.

Emerald Crop

  • This is the emerald ore plant.

Ender Crop

  • This is the ender pearl plant.

Essential Crop

  • This is the main plant that will provide the main materials for making Minecraft ores.

Gold Crop

  • This is the gold ore plant.

Iron Crop

  • This is the iron ore plant.

Lapis Crop

  • This is the lapis lazuli ore plant.

Netherite Crop

  • This is the netherite ore plant.

Quartz Crop

  • This is the quartz ore plant.

Redstone Crop

  • This is the redstone ore plant.


Created  by Marcos WX = Brazilian Addons Maker

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No one is allowed to use any part of the code in this addon. And you can only share the MCPEDL link, not your own link. or I will provide a report and copyright notice.


It is mandatory when creating the world, activate all experimental options, otherwise the addon will not work.


Supported Minecraft versions

1.16 (beta)

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