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Hi! This is my very first addon called Bedrock expanded basically this addon will be expand Minecraft bedrock with new things like ores, mobs, tools, blocks etc

This addon is still in beta so if you find a bug please report it on my Twitter @kiranaked or comment below.

First up is a new ore called

Zanite Ore:

This ore can be found under ground y 13

Zanite Recipe:

Tools not working as it should, will be fixed soon

Zanite Sword:

Has 5 attack damage

Zanite Shovel:

Zanite Axe

Zanite Pickaxe:

Zanite Hoe

Zanite Nugget 

Zanite Block

That’s all new recipes for zanite let’s move on to another new ore

Uranium Ore

This ore exclusive for mountain biome and very very rare ore easy way to get is using tnt like netherite

What’s the function of Uranium? 

If you found Uranium and you break the ore you will get the uranium ore and after that you will need furnace to get uranium scrap

After that you need stone cutter to make uranium shard

Next craft uranium shard to get uranium ingot like this

Uranium recipes

Uranium sword 

Has 6.5 attack damage and slowness effect when you hold the sword 

Uranium Block

New Mobs


He is new type of villager spawn rarely everywhere you can also trade with him


Hog is new type of pig they spawn in jungle and taiga biome have 3 deferent variant 

Regular Hog he is pasive mob and attack chicken but if you attack him hog will turn into angry hog

Agresive Hog he is very aggressive and will try to kill you so be careful 

Angry Hog the regular hog will change into this if you attack him and try to ravange! 

Hog Drop:

Hog pork is new type of food

Hog Leather is same as regular Leather 

Hog Fang

This only drop by agresive Hog

New Weapons 

I also add new type of weapons 


Wooden:1.5 attack damage 

Stone/gold:2 attack damage

Iron: 3 attack damage

Zanite:3.5 attack damage

Diamond:5 attack damage

Netherite:6 attack damage


Before you make spears you need rope

Spear:4 attack damage

Diamond spear:6 attack damage

I hope you guys like it! 


Unzip Resources pack games/com.mojang/Resources pack

Unzip behavior pack games/com.mojang/behavior pack


Supported Minecraft versions

1.15 (beta)
1.16 (beta)

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