The Galaxy S21 Plus is finally official and alongside the regular Galaxy S21, and it comes in a few colors. If you’ve picked up the gorgeous Phantom Violet Galaxy S21, you’ll want to protect it while also ensuring you can show off the stunning Violet and Gold color scheme. After all, why buy this unique color if you can’t show it off, right? Clear cases are a great way to achieve this, but they provide varying levels of protection. Some are thin and cheap and provide only the most basic of protection, while others are thicker and provide more protection. Whatever your style of case, we’ve rounded up the Best Galaxy S21 Plus Clear case that you should buy below!

    Official Clear Cover
    This is the most basic case that is available from Samsung officially. Since it is a first party case, the dimensions should all be exactly to fit your device with very little wiggle room.
    Official Clear Protective Case

    Official Clear Protective Case

    This clear protective case is a step up from the base variant on sale from Samsung. It has also been drop-tested to MIL-STD-810G Transit Drop standards, and is available in two colors.
    Official Clear Standing Case

    Official Clear Standing Case

    This is a standing version of the clear case, sold officially by Samsung. The company does charge a good premium over other standing cases, but you pay for the first-party nature and the brand.
    SQMCase Shockproof Silicone Cover with Ring

    Military Grade Protection

    If you want a case that is clear and shows off the beauty of your new phone, while also providing serious protection, look no further than SQMCase. Although this case doesn’t have reviews yet, the company’s other cases are very highly rated. This case also comes with a built-in ring holder which doubles as a kickstand for propping the phone up when you want to watch a movie!
    ESR Metal Kickstand Case

    Protection with a kickstand

    If you want a solid kickstand and reinforced drop protection, look no further than ESR, who have been making cases for over 10 years. This flexible polymer case provides protection while showing off your phone, and the metal kickstand is perfect for those times you want to prop up your phone. The unique position of the kickstand means, unlike most cases with a kickstand, you can prop your phone up both horizontally and vertically.
    Olixar Ultra Thin Clear Case
    If you want a case that’s ultra-thin and provides basic protection, the Olixar Ultra Thin Clear Case for the Galaxy S21 is a great buy. This flexible silicone case is designed for those who want something thin and clear, and it’s wireless charging compatible so you won’t block you from charging without plugging a cable in. Keep in mind that this offers only some basic protection, so don’t drop your phone too hard.
    Spigen Ultra Hybrid
    Spigen cases are one of our trusted recommendations from personal use, and this Ultra Hybrid line delivers on its goals. The back is made of durable polycarbonate, while the side is a TPU bumper all through. This case is available in two colors: Crystal Clear and Matte Black, so pick and choose depending on your taste for the bumper.
    Cyrill Floral Pattern Clear Case
    If you’re looking beyond just a clear case, you can explore printed patterns on the clear case. For instance, this clear case has a printed floral pattern on the back, adding some more character to your device while also letting you show off the phone and protect it at the same time.
    dbrand customizable skin

    29 color options to customize your phone

    If you’ve got the Black (or even the silver) color, you might want to add a splash of color and customize your phone with a dbrand skin. Ok, so it’s not a clear case we know, but it will make your phone shine through that new clear case of yours! This is also a great option if you’re not a fan of Samsung’s choice of Gold and Purple but want the gorgeous light purple color – just add a light skin to the camera area for just $2 and voila, you’ve got a really unique phone!

Clear case options can be overwhelming, and we do agree with you. For the vast majority, what you can purchase would be reliant on the budget you have leftover after the purchase of your device. If you have store credits leftover from a previous offer, you should definitely give the official Samsung ones a shot, for they are the ones that promise the best compatibility, but they also aren’t cheap by any means. If you want something cheaper, Spigen is a tried and trusted name, and we’ve used several of their products (including this lineup) on other phones to recommend them. You can also get some kickstand cases to make it easier to consume content when your phone is propped up on a table, and you don’t necessarily need to get Samsung’s version just to enjoy this functionality. If you are just looking for basic scratch protection and really dislike tacking on any bulk to your phone, then the Dbrand skins should be your top choice, even though they are not a clear case. Either way, we do recommend that you get a case, because Samsung will not be including one in the box. While you’re at it, grab a charger too.

    Samsung Galaxy S21 Plus
    The Samsung Galaxy S21 Plus is the middle child in the new 2021 flagship series, packing in a flagship SoC and a premium build, along with a decent display and camera setup.

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