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Hi, you are looking for a nice new add-on. Here is my add-on for you! This add-on adds exactly 10 new items to Minecraft. 7 of them are swords. 3 of them are Best block, Best ore and Best ingot and it will be really difficult to do them. Let’s learn addon completely! 😁


The content of this addon, which we have created at your request, is designed in a way that you can really enjoy challenging and adventurous. Of course, there is no point in installing it unless you learn the addon. Here are the details!


There are exactly 7 swords. these are the stages of the best sword. For example, if we put 2 diamond swords and 1 stick (diamond swords in the middle and bottom under), we get the best sword lvl 1. In other words, by combining the swords we have obtained, we bring the sword closer to the best sword. In short, this addon is really hard !! Who will be able to make the best sword (without cheating)? Those who can write it in the comments. I was really curious 😁. What are we waiting for, here are the details of the swords!

lvl 1 best sword

Level 1! The best sword, level 1 with not many features, only deals damage!

Damage: 9

Stamina: 1024

Movement speed: 0.100

Production: Available

Crafting recipe: 2 diamond swords, 1 stick

lvl 2 best sword

Level 2! Here we see that the speed and damage have increased a little.

Damage: 11

Stamina: 1024

Movement speed: 0.150

Production: Available

Crafting recipe: 2 lvl 1 best sword

lvl 3 best sword

Level 3! The damage is getting a little more!

Damage: 13

Stamina: 1024

Movement speed: 0.150

Production: Available

Crafting recipe: 2 lvl 2 best swords

lvl 4 best sword

Level 4! Movement speed and damage increase again!

Damage: 15

Stamina: 1024

Movement speed: 0.200

Production: Available

Crafting recipe: 2 lvl 3 best swords

lvl 5 best sword

Level 5! It’s really getting too much 😬

Damage: 18

Stamina: 1024

Movement speed: 0.300

Production: Available

Crafting recipe: 2 lvl 4 best swords

lvl 6 best sword

Level 6! Can someone stop them? He started to annoy!

Damage: 20

Stamina: 1024

Movement speed: 0.400

Production: Available

Crafting recipe: 2 lvl 5 best swords

Best Sword!

The best!! Too late! Nobody will be able to stop this!

Damage: 30

Stamina: 2048

Movement speed: 0.500

Production: Available

Crafting recipe: 2 lvl 6 best swords, 2 best ore


Best ore, Best block and Best ingot. They really are the best! Let’s learn them too 👍🏻

Best Ore

This ore will come in handy to make the best sword. And this is so hard to find, I bet you will say no! Even I found it very difficult. Don’t say no because there is the feature_rules file. Here are the features

Biomes: found in every biome except end and hell

Frequency: very rare

Layer: Available in layers 3-20

Silky touch: can be bought with a silky touch!

Breaking time: even your strongest pickaxe breaks in 5 seconds!

Light: no light

Best Block

The best block! The hardest block to make! You will be able to make this block difficult even after defeating the dragon from start to finish, which is a shame we can only get 1 best block out of 9 best ingots. a complete disappointment. Other than that, a truly legendary block! Here are the features

Biomes: none

Frequency: none

Layer: none

Silky touch: you don’t even need it

Breaking time: even your strongest pickaxe breaks in 3 seconds!

Light: emits light

Best Ingot

Actually I can’t talk much about it because it’s an ordinary ingot and … drops from Best ore. So much. I was bored while writing. What an absurd job! Here are the features that aren’t!

Maximum number of stock ingots that can be handled: 64

🤦‍♂️ I do not know why I defamed this so much.


I hope you enjoy playing addo. If you share my addon, you would really make me very happy. 😄

Here are a few more photos!

Do not forget to comment!

Report mistakes so we can fix them right away!

Open the experimental game before creating the world !!

This addon will be updated with every new Minecraft version!

Greetings to Reseal Yılmaz! It really makes me touch😢

I was really curious. Who will be able to make the best sword without cheating! Please write in the comments. Thank you very much 🤗


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  • have fun


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