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A Jetpack that has better movement which can help you solving any terrain problems or maybe difficult problems like stuck in a hole or surrounded by mobs or even falling into the void. not only that. it might give you the advantage to defeat all bosses especially the Ender Dragon. More Experience will have on you when you try this add-on. So what are you waiting for?


This add-on adds :

3 Different type of Jetpack

Description and How to Craft :

Note : Just do /function Jetpack_kit if you confuse 🙂

1.Normal jetpack

Speed : Slow

Durability : Weak

it maybe slow,but this jetpack is easy to control.Recommended for starters.

2.Advanced Jetpack

Speed : Normal

Durability : Normal

Speed are normal so as the Durability.Recommended for exploring the nether.

3.Supreme Jetpack 

Speed : Fast

Durability : Strong

A Super fast Jetpack that have super Speed but not easy to control.This item is HIGHLY recommended for exploring an open space dimensions like overworld and End Dimension

After you craft it.You have to fuel it up first.

• Bucket of Liquid Coal for Normal Jetpack

• Bucket of Lava for Advanced Jetpack

• Bucket of Ender Fuel for Supreme Jetpack

Here’s How you use the fuel for your Jetpack : 

  you just have to put the fuel next to the Jetpack.And then you’re ready to go.same with the Advanced and the Supreme.

How to Equip :

1.Hold the jetpack

2.Long press while holding the Jetpack

And it will automatically go into your armor slot.Just make sure you take off your helmet first before you equip.

That’s it for the Description Hope you Enjoy 🙂


  • Please make Sure you give the credits to me when you are showcasing my addons.
  • Don’t you repost this addons to another website 
  • and don’t claim this addons as yours.

  • Just Change the featured Image cuz the image doesn’t fits


  1. Click the link down below.
  2. download the add-on and wait for it to finish
  3. go to the download folder and search a file that called “Better Jetpack”.
  4. Change the name from “Zip” to “mcaddon”
  5. Click the file and select open it in Minecraft


Supported Minecraft versions


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