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Better Villagers is an Add-On that makes villagers give better deals, makes them a higher level, and lets you trade with them as much as you want. This allows the player to trade faster and easier. This Add-On does not change the look of the villagers and the items the villagers usually trade with.

When a villager has spawned it will be a random level. This means that sometimes it will instantly be a max villager or it could be level 1. Also, the villagers give cheaper deals. This means that most of the trades will only cost one of an item. In addition, you can trade villagers as much as you want. This means you can trade it 999 times until it refills.

The images below are examples of villagers that have just spawned.

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Note: There is a glitch where sometimes the price will be normal.

This is made by Minecraft Pro 672

Hope you enjoy    🙂

  • In this update, I fix the Weapon Smith and unlock all the trades
  • Changed Weapon Smith Photo
  • Updated Links
  • Added Rules
  • provided a direct download without ads for file verification in the Installation Details


Once you click on the link, press SKIP AD. Sorry for the ads. I use link shorteners so I can make a little money off of what I make.


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