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Maybe you are asking, will the betty noire addon exist?. Yes, the answer is correct, because I have made an antagonist character from Glichtale: Betty Noire / Bete Noire.She has some formidable powers that you may not know, what are they ?, let’s see

This is an Image about Betty Noire.

Betty Noire Status:


Damage:20-20000(Can Instantly Kill Unkillable)


1.Control Radiation(Betty Noire can control the attacks around her, this is probably what makes her strong)

2.Lurkers (deals regular damage)

3.Lightning Slash(Instant Kill And Deal Lot Of Damage)

And More.

Note:On this addon,i use my own code.

You may also ask, why don’t I add Kumu: Because Kumu is her melee weapon and makes Betty stronger.And, she also has strong magic power, and can kill anyone who is tough, so, it might be very difficult to fight, and she also regenerated herself.

I hope you guys like it and enjoy it. Thank you

Fixed The Link,

Fix The Attackables

Fix A n i t h i n g


He’s likely making an explosion, so turn off the Mob Griefing Gamerule

Remove the beta version of this addon (Think for yourself how/just for beta tester)


Supported Minecraft versions


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