Beyond the Portal (Find the Portal)


This is my first Minecraft map I’m releasing to the public so any and all feedback is appriciated!

This is the Beyond the Portal: Find the Button

by alienboy

This is a find the button map which celebrates the release of the all new 1.16 Nether Update that launched earlier this June!

The map currently consists of 5 stages with a goal of 100 stages in it’s final update! But that as I’m sure you can guess is quite the distance away and will take a lot of work.

It’s because of this that any and all suggestions for stages are very much appreciated and any that make it into an update of this map will be credited so get commenting!

Updates will be frequent so stay tuned!

Stages currently in-game include:

1. The Beginning of the End

2. Infected Forest

3. A Time Before Change

4. A Slow Souly Demise

5. The Not Cobble Nether Bridges

With more coming very soon!

Should I make a guide video to this map?

SHARE! SHARE! SHARE! An update to this map will be dropped at 100 shares so invite a friend!


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