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Do you need a bicycle for your world? maybe this is a solution for you, this addon can be played in the survival world and this addon has 16 different colors. Let’s get into more details.

How To Make A Bicycle In Survival Mode

Step 1 :

Find a wandering trader that sells rubber for making wheels.

you can buy some empty spray paint at a wandering trader for coloring the bicycle.

Step 2

To you need this item to make a bicycle :

Step 3

Use this recipe to make a bicycle

1. Wheels (Shaped)

Make 2 wheels

2. Iron (Shapeless)

make 6 Iron

3. Bicycle Frame (Shaped)

4. Bicycle (Shapeless)

And that was how to make a bicycle in survival mode

How To Get Items To Make A Bicycle

not only giving to you items, that command it will appear recipe for creating the bicycle too

Like This :

How To Get All Of Colors Spray Paint

Use This Command :

Support Language :

You are allowed to:

> edit this addon

You are not allowed to:

> Do not claim as your own

> reupload without author’s permission

> distribution of this addon in apps, websites, and YouTube videos and earning money

> Link download fixes

> Add bicycle sound

> Bugs fixes


Supported Minecraft versions


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