BiomeButoon: Find All Buttons! | Minecraft PE Maps


I think everyone know these classic Find The Button maps. So I made my own map in this style called «Biome Button». Complete 10 unique levels and find all secrets of this map.

My discord server closed, so if you want to get support DM me (CELLIXID#4279) or join this server:

You arrive at hub where you can read credits and start playing. There are 10 levels which represent real Minecraft biomes and structures. To pass level you need to find a button. There are many fake buttons that do nothing, All buttons are easy. Levels: Forest, Lake, Ocean, Cave, Dungeon, Desert, Spruce Wood, Jungle, Stronghold, The End.

Levels showcase:

And many more!

  • Removed Discord server link
  • Added my discord tag
  • Added link to new support server


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