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So basically I was bored so I decided to make this map. It’s really complex and it’s my first map that I upload so I hope you like it. Also it’s based on BlockBear’s RP on Roblox by Andretbunn. Notice that Door and DoorLights works only with power on at night. The generator is in the basement, the basement is in the BackStage, the BackStage is behind Fred and Spring showstage. May i will release an RP version where you can drive the animatronics. !Update, read the ChangeLog! Bye now!



Dany approved✔️

Show StagePirate Cove       Fred and Spring stage


Basement / Generator RoomSecurity Office

Can you find him?

-Changed all the tables with better tables

-Endo01 arm is now no more glitched with the tp command

-Maked more space in the Kitchen by destroying some useless blocks

-Moved the JukeBox of the Puppet at the right side so the disk doesn’t glitch inside the box wich is closed

-Will maybe upload an RP version of this

-Will add Puppet when Dany finishes his work

-That’s all folks! Bye!

-Removed NetherNinja stuff

-Removed MinecTOP stuff

-Will add Puppet when Dany finishes his work

-Maybe upload the RP version

I will add Puppet when Dany finishes his stuff. Maybe.

I will soon add Puppet when Dany will finish the remodels and montable addon for FNaF 2.

I will soon add Puppet when Dany will finish FNaF 2 Remodel e montable

I will soon release (maybe) an RP version of this. Also I will add The Puppet when Dany will release FNaF 2 Remodel e Mountable. Stay tuned. Bye.

When Dany will finish FNaF 2 Remodel and Mountable AddOn i will add The Puppet. The Music Box is already there with a secret text. See you soon.


1. Download

2. Move folder to MineCraft Worlds

(Or import with minecraft if using mobiles)

3. Be sure texture packs and behavior packs are there

4. Enjoy!


Supported Minecraft versions


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