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This is my first addon I try and I always wanted a blockbreacker in Minecraft so I made my own. 🙂

Have some fun with it. I recommend a flying drill or an automatic cobblestone generator.

In this addon I added 2 things: 

The Blockbreaker



the Modechanger 

This is the Block. 

And you can rotate them like you would do an obserber. 

With the modechanger you need to interact to activate it so that it breaks blocks at its front side. you hear a sound and see the green light turns brighter. when its active the BB emits low-light. 

Right now it is break all Blocks. 

I plan on limit it with special Funktions 

It may be a good idea to make it explode if it trys breaking bedrock for to long. 

Here is a Flying drill i made with pistons

You can use this addon for your own machines.

It will be part of coming addon

Fixed addon

Updates only in a full version of Better Survival


needs experimantal gameplay. 


Supported Minecraft versions

1.16 (beta)

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