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Looking for a more medieval style way to light up your builds and bases? Braziers does just that by bringing alternate brazier light sources to better blend in with medieval builds.

The Braziers add-on adds in a brazier for most vanilla stone types as well as a single brazier plate to be used as lighting in any builds. 


Crafting is relatively simple, first you’ll start with making a brazier plate, which is also a brazier itself, to then be able to craft all the stone type braziers as shown in the recipes below.

Brazier plate

How to use

After you have a brazier place it down where you want it and you’ll notice it is unlit and gives off no light. To light it interact with it with a flint and steel to ignite. To extinguish the light again either interact with a water bottle or break the block and replace.

Hope you enjoy using this Add-on!

Do not repost this add-on anywhere and if used in a youtube video link back to the page. If you want to include in a add-on pack somewhere be sure to give credit and link back to this page. Thank you.


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Without ads

  • Click Download Braziers v1 and you’ll be taken to mediafire for the download. 


Supported Minecraft versions

1.16 (beta)

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