BumbleCraft : An Adventure SMP!


Experience an entirely unique RPG experience for Minecraft Bedrock edition! Quests, Faction Wars, Dungeons, and more await you in this difficult, but immersive twist on classic Minecraft SMP! EARLY ACCESS BETA — Come and see!!

Hey.   Are you looking for an immersive and challenging Minecraft server? Something with RPG influence; dungeons, quests, pvp between factions?  Introducing BumbleCraft!

Bumble is a project that we, a team of eleven, have been working on for a few months, and while it’s still early and has a ways to go yet; we want some folks to join and help us test and stuff. We’re aiming to follow in the footsteps of Wynncraft, and despite the technical limitations of Bedrock Servers, are forging a unique experience unlike anything else currently available on Bedrock Servers!

Players will begin in Harvester Town, and from there they will be able to set off into the wilderness to play like normal SMP, or they can talk to NPCs to start quests and explore dungeons to fight bosses (…. if they’re stronk enough). Dungeons are multiplayer friendly and will not break when ran alone or with a group! 

Making use of new features in 1.16, we’re also able to rig the world up so that players can’t break or place blocks in certain areas; meaning no griefing or cheating through dungeons/towns! 

We’ve also taken notes from games like Skyrim, in how they handle Civil Wars! You’ll be able to join one of two factions which then allows PvP between you and players on the opposing faction; nearly anywhere in the world!  This feature, coupled with forts that are scattered around the world that can be claimed for either side (with a beacon to reflect who owns it), there’s a lot of potential for immersive RP!

Join us as we expand and improve this project! Come and BUMBLE with us!
NOTE: You MUST join the Discord server and apply to be whitelisted. We cannot guarantee everyone will be whitelisted in a timely manner; bare with us!

Server Discord: Bumble Discord

The Plush and Perils update is here!
– potopo collectible plushies added.
– Black Market returns!
– Armor Smith has arrived in Harvester!
– Villager Defenders added which protect villages and towns.
– Dozens of new hostile mobs!
– The first wave of community-created weapons are in!
– Autumn aesthetics applied to celebrate the harvest season!
– tons of fixes and new stuff!

come bumble with us!

– Added a fancy new Weapons Smith to Harvester Town who will now sell you a myriad of weapons in exchange for bumble coins.

– added bumble coin; the in-game currency used with traders and rewarded from quests.

– two new dungeons!

– black market trader temp disabled.

– various fixes.

Supported Minecraft versions


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