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This pack adds a new creature to liven up the barren desert, the cactus splort! This new creature will add some much needed variety to an otherwise bare landscape.

(Enable Experimental Gameplay to use)

The Cactus Splort is a small cactus like creature that spawns in the desert. It has a cactus shaped body and a little flower on it’s back.

It’s only drop is cactus and it can be bred using cactus.

Using a saddle on it will allow you to ride it in a similar manner to a pig. It can be controlled using a new tool, the Cactus Staff!

So have fun exploring the deserts with the new Cactus Splorts!

Optional achievements for this pack:

God bless the cacti
-Craft or find a Cactus Staff

-Ride a Cactus Splort

Is that natural?
-Breed two Cactus Splorts


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