Call Manager Streamlines the Process of Making Multiple Phone Calls


A lot of people still do business and organize social gatherings using traditional phone calls, and this can sometimes lead to you going out of your way to keep things organized. This is where Call Manager comes into play from XDA Senior Member . The application requires Android 5.0+ and lets you add a phone call with a name, number and an optional description of the call. You can then tap on this entry to get options for calling, texting, viewing the timestamp or deleting it from the list. This makes it convenient to set up a list of calls you need to make and then go through them one by one, so you know you didn’t miss out on anyone.

Call Manager Feature List

  • Add a phone call with a name, number, and optional call description. Each call will be added to a chronological list on the main screen.
  • Click on a call in the list to open a dialog box with a number of options: call, edit, send SMS, view timestamp and delete. Choosing ‘call’ will immediately dial the number, edit will allow you to edit the details of the call, send SMS will allow you to send a text, and delete will prompt the user to delete the call (the user can cancel).
  • Long press on a call to see when the call was created
  • Add a contact so that the name and number fields will autofill with that contact’s name and number
  • In the overflow menu on the main screen, you can toggle a dark mode for the app
  • In the overflow menu, you can choose to clear all the calls in the list at once. The user will be prompted for this and can choose to cancel.
  • App shortcut – Add New Call

Call Manager

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