Checketry is a download manager that syncs progress between desktop and mobile


If you live in an area that is not blessed with very high-speed internet, downloading large resources can become a bit of a task. Even files as big/small as 1GB can take hours to download, and the issue compounds itself the bigger the size of your file. Most people do not like to wait around staring at a computer or phone screen while such downloads slowly take place, but there aren’t many efficient solutions available to sync progress results across platforms. Checketry is one such download manager that lets you track and manage downloads for browsers, torrent clients, and game clients on your Windows desktop through your Android or iOS smartphone.

Checketry is a desktop and mobile app that lets you track and manage downloads between devices. The app shows all download information from your desktop, such as download speed, time left, size, and progress bar, on your mobile device. Downloads can be started from mobile and can also be paused, resumed, and cancelled. If you are willing to shell out for the (expensive, in our opinion) monthly or yearly Premium Plans, you also get the ability to modify desktop sleep settings and shutdown timer.

You can follow along with the discussion at Checketry’s thread over in our forums.

Checketry: File and Download Manager
Checketry: File and Download Manager

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