Chrome OS is getting a clipboard manager for the last 5 copied items


Copy and paste is an essential feature that most of us use every day. If you do a lot of work from a computer, it’s even more important. Windows 10 has a handy feature (Windows key + V) that allows you to see the last several things you copied. Chrome OS will soon be getting a very similar clipboard manager feature.

According to a new commit in the Chromium Gerrit called “Multipaste,” Chrome OS will be getting a near-identical feature to Windows 10. The associated flag (chrome://flags/#multipaste) explains: “Pressing Search + V will show a menu that allows you to paste things previously copied.” For those unfamiliar, the Search key is essentially Chrome OS’ version of the Windows key, as it’s used in many common keyboard shortcuts.

Looking further into the commit, we can see that Chrome OS’ clipboard manager will store the five most recent items that have been copied. These things can include text, formatted text, images, links in a bookmark format, and a mysterious thing called “web smart paste.” It’s also possible that there will be a button in the quick settings tray to bring up the clipboard manager without the keyboard shortcut.

There’s no guarantee that this new clipboard manager will ever make it to stable Chrome OS, but it would be pretty useful if it does. The Windows 10 feature is very handy and even Gboard has something similar. If you do a lot of copy and pasting, you know how annoying it can be to accidentally “overwrite” the last thing you copied. This would be a big time saver, though we wish it will be upgraded to let you save more than just five items.

Source: Chromium Gerrit | Via: 9to5Google

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