Chromebooks will soon be able to show Bluetooth battery indicators


A much-awaited feature that arrived with Android Oreo was the ability to see the battery level of the Bluetooth device you were connected to. It’s an important feature and quite surprising that it took so long to implement in AOSP, as even custom ROMs such as LineageOS supported it. There are so many reasons as to why it should be a standard feature, for example allowing you to roughly estimate how much listening time you have on your Bluetooth earphones. However, while Bluetooth battery indicators have been in AOSP for nearly two years now, the other Google-owned OS, Chrome OS, doesn’t have them. That’s set to change, with a commit spotted by Chrome Story which says that soon, Chromebooks will be able to display the battery level of a connected Bluetooth device.

If you have a Chromebook on the Canary channel of Chrome OS, you can enable Bluetooth battery indicators now. Simply enable the following flag.


Whether it works or not yet is a different story. The writer at Chrome Story who initially discovered this commit tried it with the Anker SoundBuds Slim+ and it didn’t report the battery level.

Still, if you have a Chromebook on the Canary channel it’s worth giving a shot, as it may work for you. Even if the feature isn’t fully implemented yet, at least it’s confirmed to be implemented in the future. If you really want a working version of the feature as early as possible, it’s probable that it will be fixed in the next beta version.

Via: Chrome Story

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