CMPE/Bedrock BattleCraft 0.5 BETA


BattleCraft 0.5 BETA


Welcome to BattleCraft

A war add-on based on a World War 3  with Guns and Vehicles and equipment To changed your whole Minecraft gameplay with 15 guns ingame which has there own unique Animations when firing running Vehicles is not been added yet into beta release but for now enjoy the beta with guns only and most important of all have fun.

Note:Reload Animations has not been added yet we well try to add reload if we can which well take more time by the making of this add-on.

Note: this is only beta not everything is added yet like Vehicles and other guns and equipment also like Landmines.

There well be Bugs in this add-on so kindly report bugs on our discord.

  BattleCraft Discord Server

Credits By the Making of the add-on:


Charles_Venom– Modeling, Coding

Co Owner:

KingZ– Programmer Jxcksonn– modeling Programming, 2D texturing


Rad Claw Onezawa Arthur Lincoln Daison

Official Channel:

BattleCraft And Blockops

Honorable mentions:

Konstantin PUSI JustcraftarkShadow

-They help me get this add-on to be done so credits to them.

Credits to:Pixel PolyAceDasXanTv



– this add-on might be available to Multiplayer kindly report if there’s bugs so we can fix it as soon as possible

– all guns have 800+ cubes and 1,000 cubes with detailed textures

Note: Low end devices may lag due to models

-You may experience bugs with guns like:

-AKM ammo might crash Your game

-M4A1 ammo is in the items section

This might not be counted as a bug:

Where trying to fix that bug if you have other experiences please visit our Discord to Report or go to our official Channel

BattleCraft and Blockops

Or our YouTube Channel: BattleCraft Channel

Guns Include:

Glock 17: caliber: 9mm

M9 AKIMBO- caliber: 9mm

Deagle- caliber: 50 AE

 Uzi- Caliber: 9mm

AUGA3- caliber: 5.56 

G36C- caliber: 5.56

Vector- caliber: 45 acp

Hk416- caliber: 5.56 NATO

M4A1- caliber: 5.56 Green Tip

FN 15 aka FN M4A1- Caliber: 5.56 Green Tip

M16A4- caliber: 5.56 Greentip

TACTICAL M4A1- Caliber: 5.56 GreenTip

AKM- caliber: 7.62.49

AA12- 12 Gauge Slug

Note: This bullet is not spreaded meaning it’s a 1 shot only

SCAR-17 5.56 NATO

Total of 15 guns for beta

Note: more well be added soon

How to Get guns?

We have solved that Problem in getting guns in commands now we decided to make your lives is easier guns are now in the NATURE section in creative mode

Note: Enable “Holiday Creator features and “Additional Modding Capabilities” in your world settings before you play the addon or else it might not work or not worked properly


3rd person view:

Note: Crouch to enable gun sights


As you can see thru the video the guns have Recoil Firing Animations Running Animations and also Sight and also very accurate gun sounds and gun magazine size for the guns

That’s it for now hope you have fun playing the add-on don’t forget to leave us suggestions so we can update more 

  • nothing much has been added yet
  • In Version 1 We will add more this is only beta test only



Click Download Addon

Go to your File open the ZIP and extract the BC- to Games and Mojang then behavior 

Next Extract BC- to games and Mojang then Resources




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