By now almost everyone has seen the clip of a famous Minecraft YouTuber called Dream accidentally trying to make a Cobblestone Crafting Table while escaping his friends trying to kill him … so I decided to make it a reality!


This addon will add a working craftable cobblestone crafting table to your Minecraft world.

You can craft it

You can use it

It DOESN’T replace the normal crafting table 

Make sure to activate “Holiday Creator Features”


Also check out this short video 🙂

(The explosion was just a joke u don’t actually blow up)


You can share this addon with others and create videos about it but you have to provide credit. 


Example credit::

Cobblestone Crafting Table Addon

Download here:

By @ThunderMouseMc on Twitter 


The provided link must lead to this post not a direct download 


By: @ThunderMouseMc on Twitter 


Download (adfly):

Join discord (direct mediafire link in #content):

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