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This is a FULLY EDUCATIVE add-on with features that teach players how they can prevent themselves from the Coronavirus. The add-on features naturally spawning old humans, young humans, and sanitation machines. The coronavirus is an entity in this add-on, which can be spawned by tapping on the “Shake Hand” button that shows up when you get near human entities.

Creator: The Holy Emerald (Ashwin)

Here’s a trailer going over various features of this add-on:

You can get the coronavirus by shaking hands with other humans. Getting hit by the coronavirus gives you the nausea status effect. This is why it is important to socially distance yourself from other humans.

You can kill the coronavirus by tapping on naturally spawning sanitation machines about 20 times (representative of washing your hands for 20 seconds in real life). This is challenging, because you have to stay near the sanitation machine and have to be running away from the coronavirus at the same time! If you tap on the sanitation machine less than 20 times, you will find that it is much harder for the heat to kill the coronavirus. In real life, studies suggest that heat DOES kill the coronavirus.

Be very careful when interacting with young humans near old humans or directly interacting with old humans. The coronavirus COULD kill the old humans in this add-on. In real life, older people are more prone to getting this virus. Let’s all be responsible and socially distance ourselves from old humans during this period of uncertainty.

Multiple coronaviruses could congregate and kill villagers in creative mode.

New trailer that is short and concise. Goes over all the features this add-on has to offer. 🙂

Changed the display of the trailer a bit. I mention a lot of useful and important information about the add-on and how we can prevent ourselves from getting the coronavirus in the video.


Both the resource and behavior packs will be imported onto Minecraft PE, once you download the add-on.


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