This addon adds corruption to to the game, Basically it works the same as thaumcrafts taint, or the bacteria mod

The corruption can affect wood logs such as trees, can affect leaves, stone, coal, iron, dirt, grass, sand and endstone

Credit to pixeleddoki for helping alot with this addon check out his addons by just searching his name

Once you place down 1 block of corruption it will start randomly effecting blocks around it spreading it

Yes the picture up top all started from 1 block of corruption if you want to make it faster you can turn up the tick speed but it will make it laggy and wont spread as fast

Corruption can pop up anywhere and it’s not rare either they start growing underground and will spread to the surface 

Like I said in the introduction it also affects endstone, so you could turn entire end islands into corruption islands 

Did I forgot to mention it also gives wither to anything that steps on it

Theres also a few items that dont have a purpose yet such as currupted iron ingots and currupted coal where also thinking of adding anti corruption or something that when both come in contact they destroy each other and such

Basically if you where to play this in Survival it can make things very difficult fue to the fact that if you where to build a base a spot of corruption could pop up near it and soon your base would be gone and you cant try and stop the spread due to the fact that it can spread all the way down to bedrock I mean you can try but you gotta be quick

This stuff doesnt affect water but it will spread under it this doesnt mean that a whole ocean will give wither if it spreads it’s just if you stand on top of the block

But yeah a quick run down is theres blocks that corrupte everything around it spreading it forever pretty much and gives wither if you step on it very dangerous

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Added mcaddon links and fixed a few things and updated some stuff

Improved the description for better understanding purposes of the addon

Fixed a thing for the verification process of thy addon


Supported Minecraft versions

1.16.210 (beta)

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