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Play on this map with your friends. Rules are easy to know; At the start of the game random player from terrorists team gets detonator and also from opposite team (counter-terrorists0 random player gets defusers. Terrorist need to plant bomb on bombplace and counter-terrorists need to kill all terrorists or defuse bomb. It is easy and fun!

Everything works on command blocks, and you can see how it works, because command blocks are close to the map)

Now this map have lower chance to give you bugs. All (I hope) is working without any problems. Who tried to play on this map before:

1. Now you don’t need to open strange crates to take bomb or shears (defuse kit), you’ll get it while game is started.

2. You can  comfortably play alone now. Before on old versions of this map this action cause some bugs.

3. You need to know it: I built this update only 3 hours)

Now I’m completely sure that all command blocks in the game work fine.

I remade map (actually from scratch) thats why now everything works faster, more stable and give me more options of building in the future.

Сases have been deleted.

Grenades have been removed.

Now grenades are working OK.

I removed almost all cases and left only the most important as grenade, ammo and starter cases.

Changed lobby of choosing map.

Fix of bugs

Cases (as in CS;GO)

And other . . .

I added a big piece of the most important functionality.

Now in the map lobby sitting more parrots.

I strongly recommend to play with your friends because while you’re playing alone a lot of functionality doesn’t work 🙁

Now is working choice of team which working with mechanics of giving bomb and defuse kits (defuse kits in progress :-)).Also I rebuilth and replace map lobby. If you’re leaving map points are reset. “Configuration place ” was rearranged. Also I recommend to play with other gamers or play as counter-terrorist.

P.S. Sorry for my broken english.


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