Cp Microbattles | Minecraft PE Maps


Microbattles is a popular game which there is 4 team and you have to kill all the team you can play with up to 30 players. Me and my crew worked really hard on this so please enjoy.

Kill other team be the last standing there kits such as wizard healer builder etc there’s 5 plus maps and it’s all resetable plz enjoy its a realy fun game our team is DankDestroyer2 Heartedupper13 Utilekoala65 pilot7501 jaybethhhh and wizard7997 most of us have a map in game and we added 3 new maps

Yes their was an error with the new jungle map but we have fixed it

New maps 

Bug fixes 

Took off all texture packs

and more

Bug Fixes Error with win system New kits and more


Install using zip you may not reuse this map or claim as your own


Supported Minecraft versions

1.16 (beta)

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