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This add-on adds simple recipes to make blackstone and gilded blackstone renewable in survival game-play. Blackstone can be made with basalt and coal or charcoal, and the gilded variant can be made with blackstone and a gold block.


With the 1.16 update Mojang added in pretty much everything you could want to live in the nether full time. They even included blackstone, a very dark version of cobble that can even be used in place of cobble in most recipes.

One big issue: blackstone is not renewable,  I don’t know why Mojang chose to make such a beautiful and versatile block like blackstone, and model it after one of the most renewable blocks in the game, only to make it finite. Meanwhile basalt, which is weaker, has very few crafting uses, and is mostly useless outside of decor was made renewable.

This behavior pack was designed for, and is tested and working on Realms.



v0.0.3 – Made blackstone craft-able from the 2×2 inventory grid

v0.0.2 – Made gilded blackstone craftable.

v0.0.1 – Made blackstone craftable.


This resource pack was made by @emcpwns and was design for use on the Evercraft realm

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License


1. Download Blackstone.mcpack

2. Open Blackstone.mcpack with Minecraft 

3. Done!


Supported Minecraft versions


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