A completely empty void world with an added bonus of command block tools to make creative building fast and easy! These tools are especially helpful in the void where there is no ground to place things off of.

Aside from the command block tools this world is completely blank. Void worlds are incredibly useful for creating clean and uniform builds in creative mode. Additionally, this world comes with a series of helpful tools

  • Regenerating Shulker of command tools
  • Egg platform: throw to place a block
  • Easy fill snowball: throw to place a fill command block
  • Tape measure: place and walk over to start counting, throw to reset
  • Eraser: use fishing rod to erase large areas(10x10x10) around you
  • Vertical line trident: hold and move to create a 25 block tall wall
  • Line maker: place and use the “TP line maker” to create custom flat areas
  • Bl0ck converter: changes the blocks from the line makers to whatever block you want
  • Delete command center: press and confirm to delete the entire command center

All of these tools are toggleable so if you are currently using tridents for something else and you don’t want them to make walls you can simply turn it off and keep all of the other tools. If you find this world useful please check out my YouTube channel, Bread – Rock. Here I have a tutorial for this map and intend to make content about command blocks and other aspects of Minecraft Bedrock tech. I plan to add more tools in the future, subscribing is a good way to get notified about these changes.

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  • Created a more detailed description
  • Fixed a bug with the “Horizontal Line” tool


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