Creepy Skin Pack Halloween Update!


“Creepy skin pack” contains characters related to creepypastas and creepy creatures like those from the universe of Trevor Henderson and SCP

At the moment it only contains one scp and it is SCP-096

“Creepy Skin Pack” is completely free but you can help me with the shortened link.

As you already read, there are iconic characters from the creepypastes, among them, the famous Slenderman and some Proxies, such as Masky.

Are you ready to play with these scary skins?

This package currently contains:

Slenderman the best known creepypasta and responsible for creating more creepypastas

masky one of the slender proxies, gets along very well with hoodie

kagekao, kage for friends, his story is unknown but he likes to play with his victims before ending them, his brand is very notorious, it destroys the victim’s throat and makes a symbol on his forehead

jack nyras, better known as eyeless jack, its story is unclear but it is believed that it was used as a sacrifice but it went wrong, so it became an eyeless aberration that feeds on humans

Jane Richardson, also known as Jane the Killer, was a government experiment to stop Jeff The Killer

(not official) Jane lost her mask, until one day she met kage and they became friends, kage as thanks for her new friend gave her a mask identical to hers

Jeff The Killer As his name says, he is an unstoppable murderer, he enters the house of the victim, and with a calm voice he says “go to sleep”

Cartoon Cat, originally created by Trevor Henderson, is one of the strongest creatures in his universe, its origin is not clear, it is said that it is a demon that takes the form of an animated cartoon to cause terror in its victims, despite its appearance, he is very strong, and nothing is know about his victims once he catches them, he is a really psycho monster

The Smile Room, created by Trevor Henderson, is a creature that measures 2 meters wide and 7 meters high, its appearance is that of a simple door that has grotesque teeth, it appears out of nowhere when a human is entering the door and it cannot be stopped, causing it to be eaten just by walking into the room a bit, making it a really dangerous monster as it can appear anywhere. So when you go to enter through a door think twice, since the smile room could be waiting for you secretly.

Contact Me

Is Prohibited:

Use a different link than mcpedl

Post this skin pack modified by you without my permission

Upload skin pack on another page with shorteners and in mcpedl

is allowed:

Modify this skin pack for your personal use

If you want to suggest characters, contact me and it will be placed in the skin pack (with their respective credits)

  • Hello, I have come to report something bad, according to this skin pack and everything related to it. Unfortunately the halloween update will not come out or it will come out with very little content, because I had to format my pc due to a virus that infected it, so all the work of new skins, textures, 3D models and all that has been completely lost, more than 26 new skins were lost, this error will no longer happen, I hope you understand. Thanks for using this skin pack! 😀

New Description

New Download Links

New Characters from different universes

New link to access the vault

Added installation instructions

Some texts were modified due to misspelling or change of meaning (Sorry but I Don’t speak 100% English :D)

warning message about what happened and why the delay about the halloween update 🙁

new featured image with new characters

the rake added

jeff the killer added

added an unstoppable murderer with a macabre smile and his creepy phrase

hobo heart has been added but is in BETA

New main image added

new main image clearer than the previous one

new download links

New added main image made with skin pack texture (4 skins)

main photo changed by another with more quality 1024 x 600

the description of the characters was added

secret character image removed

Added Creator Contact

New Rules Have Been Implemented

New welcome

New featured image

new skin added

Bug fix

Skin Remodel


  • Download the skin pack using any link
  • Once downloaded, give it a click (cell phone) or double click (pc)
  • It will ask you to confirm with which application you want to run it, select Minecraft
  • Once this is done, Minecraft opens and starts importing the skin pack
  • Once imported the skin pack is all yours Let’s Play! 😀


Supported Minecraft versions


Source link


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