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Have you ever wished that bedrock edition had more cool PVP/aesthetic features like the Java Edition? Or maybe you wish to spruce up your bedrock PVP experience, then this pack is perfect for you. Whenever you or another player take damage, unique particles emit. You can choose between 13 total different settings and color options for even further customizability. 

This pack comes with 13 total different subpacks. Choose between the default color (the marine-green color from the original java edition sharpness particles ), red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, pink, rainbow (user favorite), and epilepsy (flickering black and white, if you’re into that). You are also given the ability to add multipliers to the default and rainbow colors for a more…outstanding… experience.

If you wish to change the color and amount of particles, you can do so in your global resource settings under subpack options (you likely will have to restart your game for the change to take effect!)

The damage particle pack also works on all your favorite as well as featured servers, like the Hive, Cubecraft, Mineplex, etc.

Example of the rainbow damage particles (they’re animated!)

Example of the epilepsy setting.

Example of the pink color for damage particles (creator favorite).

Known issues: Your custom capes/geometry may break when using this pack! I CANNOT DO ANYTHING ABOUT IT, so please don’t message me asking to fix it! 

If you plan to use my pack or the contents of it for your own resource pack/client, you MUST ask me for permission!

My contacts:
discord: ambient#2309
my work-in-progress UHC discord server:


Supported Minecraft versions

1.16 (beta)



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