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Hey you! Are you tired of the boring and old hotbar? Do you want a new and cool one? Then this one suits you! The Custom Hotbar texture pack! There are currently 10 hotbars to choose and pick! Download custom hotbar now!!!!

How To Use?

1. After downloading the pack, launch minecraft ans go to settings > global resources.

2. Press “Custom Hotbar” and then click activate

3. Click the settings icon to edit your hotbar

4. Choose your hotbar!

5. Test it! Enjoy!!!

Hotbars Available:

So here are some pictures of the hotbars available

-Clear/Invisible Hotbar

-Partially Clear Hotbar

-Rainbow Hotbar

-Clear Rainbow Hotbar

-Wooden Hotbar

-Fancy Hotbar

-Creeper Hotbar

-Diamond Hotbar

-Dirt Hotbar

-Stone Hotbar


This texture pack was made by TheBestPH himself.


  • You are allowed to make a video showcase about this texture pack but please credit me.
  • You are allowed to edit the texture pack for personal uses only
  • You are not allowed to repost this on other websites without credits
  • You are not allowed to steal this texture pack

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