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An survival addon with apocalypse theme.

Add new Weapons and Entities like Zombies, Mutant Bosses, Survivors..

All Mobs & Monsters replaced with zombies. Inspired from Resident Evil, The walking Dead & Left4Dead!

This addon will makes you feel like living in apocalypse situation.

By changing all mobs and monsters with zombies and collecting default mobs & monsters loot items from killing zombies.

Video Preview:


3 types zombie available with various skins.

Different Walking Animation for each zombie.

All Zombies in this addon will not affected by the sun.



You can found another survivor in the game. They’re spawned on randomly place.

  • You can get custom weapons from civillian by trading
  • Civillian will turn into zombies if they died

Gang Member

Becareful, you’re not alone. Theres a gang member called “Savior”. They will take everything from you, instead your life.

They’re spawned on randomly place.

  • Gang member will hunt the zombies even they’re far away.
  • Gang member will always avoiding S.T.A.R.S member.

National Guards

There’s 2 National Guards available in the game.

  • National Guards will hunt the zombies and thr gang member.
  • National Guards will not attacking you, except you attacking them first.


There’s 4 Bosses available in the game for now. All of them will spawn at randomly place with small chance.


There’s 6 weapons available in the game.

But since the newest minecraft version not supporting gun system like before. Only melee weapon available for now.

Extra Feature

When you hitting another entities like zombie,human,etc.

You will see the blood splatter from them.

All zombie have unique ambient sounds.

Resident Evil Music Theme has been added to the game.

All Entities like Animals, Zombies, Survivors have their own dead Animation


  • *You’re not allowed to share and distribute this addon to another website
  • *You’re allowed to share this addon On Video platform like YouTube with backlink to:
    • This Addon Page on MCPEDL
    • My Youtube Profile
  • *You’re not allowed to Modify this addon and share it without my permission

If you found some bug or unresolved problem.You can contact me by message me on youtube. Or Try to activate the Experimental Gameplay option in setting.To make sure everythings works fine!!



  • Download Behavior & Resources mcpack file
  • Install them by click/tap them
  • Minecraft will opened automatically and wait the Mcpack installed


Supported Minecraft versions


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