Destiny 2’s Next Season Finally Brings Back Prince Uldren


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Bungie revealed Destiny 2’s next season today. It’s called Season of the Hunt and will revolve around helping self-absorbed Warlock Osiris track down Hive god Xivu Arath. Oh, and you’ll be fighting alongside Uldren Sov to do it.

That’s right, after nearly two years of waiting, The Master of Crows is back again, once again fighting on the side of the Light. With his new Ghost in tow, Uldren, who can be seen rescuing Osiris in part of Destiny 2‘s latest video documentary, will aid players in tracking down Oryx’s sister, Xivu Arath, God of War, who’s massing an army of corrupted Hive in the Dreaming City to perform dark rituals and god knows what else.


Screenshot: Bungie

The last time players faced Uldren he was being held accountable for the death of Vanguard Hunter Cayde-6 at the end of 2018’s Forsaken expansion. A short teaser that went live following the events of that arc revealed that despite being killed for his crimes, Uldren was resurrected by a ghost to serve as a Guardian of the Light. Guardians have no memory of their past life, so while others regard Uldren with disdain, or at the very least skepticism, he has no idea what he did to earn himself such a sinister reputation.

Destiny 2 has been hinting at Uldren’s post-resurrection fate through a series of lore drops over the last year, but Season of the Hunt will be the first time players have laid eyes on him since his execution. Originally, some fans had speculated that Uldren might be returning in the form of a new planetary vendor for earth in the Cosmodrome called Shaw Han. It was a cool idea, inspired in part by early designs for Uldren’s character and its links to the Cosmodrome, but after getting to see Shaw’s face in today’s mini doc it’s clear that’s not the case. Whatever Uldren’s role going forward happens to be, hopefully it ends up being worth the long wait.


Screenshot: Bungie

To make things somewhat confusing, Season of the Hunter’s story missions (which is where I assume Uldren will first appear) won’t actually go live until November 17, a week after the game’s annual expansion, Beyond Light, launches. While Beyond Light will focus on outcast Fallen attempting to harness the Darkness on Europa, Season of the Hunter looks like it will take place largely in the Dreaming City and other familiar sites from Forsaken.

Bungie tried to lay it all out in the game’s latest roadmap, which goes up through the game’s seasonal Dawning event in late December. The studio also confirmed that unlike in previous seasons, year four of the game will attempt to cutdown on the FOMO by keeping most seasonal missions and gear around until the next annual expansion hits. Hopefully it works as well in practice as it sounds in theory.

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