Download ASUS ROG Phone Wallpapers, Live Wallpaper, and Theme


The ASUS ROG Phone is ASUS’ first Android smartphone with a gaming focus. It has an overclocked Qualcomm Snapdragon 845, a display capable of 90Hz refresh rate, a couple of really neat accessories, and other high-end specifications. This gaming phone will certainly cost you a pretty penny once it eventually launches outside of China, but for those of you who want the look and feel of the software without spending a dime, you can now download the ROG Phone’s wallpapers, live wallpaper, and theme.

Download ASUS ROG Phone Wallpapers

We extracted these wallpapers from a firmware dump of the device. The device recently went on sale in China and ASUS published the Chinese firmware and kernel source code. We don’t know if there will be additional wallpapers for when the device is released internationally. You can view a preview of the wallpapers below, but we recommend hitting up the download link if you want the wallpapers in full resolution.

Download ASUS ROG Phone Wallpapers

There were also some wallpapers from the stock launcher APK. We’ve extracted them as well and have hosted them separately. There are 4 generic-looking wallpapers and 4 wallpapers related to the Free Fire battle royale game.

Download ASUS ROG Phone Launcher Wallpapers

Download ASUS ROG Phone Live Wallpaper

Within the firmware, there’s a Live Wallpaper app called “GameModeLiveWallpaper.” This live wallpaper seems to change states when the user toggles gaming mode on the ROG Phone. While the APK installs just fine on any other device, it won’t change states unless you’re on the ROG Phone. Luckily, XDA Recognized Contributor linuxct whipped up a companion app that acts like a shortcut to toggle the live wallpaper’s state. You can download both the live wallpaper APK and linuxct’s companion app below.

Download ASUS ROG Phone Live Wallpaper

Download Live Wallpaper Companion App (by linuxct)

Note: The companion app is just a shortcut to toggle the live wallpaper’s state, hence there’s no UI to speak of. The app requires the WRITE_SECURE_SETTINGS permission which can either be granted via ADB or via root access. Once you’ve granted this permission, you can place the app icon anywhere on your desktop to toggle the live wallpaper’s state.

Download ASUS ROG Phone Theme

Lastly, here’s a download to the pre-installed theme on the ROG Phone. This theme will only work on ASUS devices running ZenUI, because this theme is built for ASUS’ theme engine.

Download ASUS ROG Phone Theme for ZenUI

And check out linuxct’s forum thread here for potentially future updates of the ROG companion app.

If you’re a fan of this smartphone and need a place to discuss it, we have forums open for the device which you can check out below.

Visit ASUS ROG Phone Forums on XDA

The phone should launch internationally, hopefully by the end of this year. ASUS has already confirmed the device will launch in the United States and in India. We have found regional launcher configurations for the device in China, Indonesia, India, Japan, Russia, Taiwan, and the United States. We have also found mentions of 4GB and 6GB RAM configurations in /vendor/build.prop, which corroborates the recent TENAA certification for these models.

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