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You ever wished that you didn’t have to constantly place down torches to see where you’re going? Well with this add-on there will be no need for that. Dynamic lighting, some glowing mobs and more, this add-on has it all.

Dynamic Lighting

Dynamic Lighting Plus is an add-on that adds, well, dynamic lighting. Dynamic lighting basically means that when you hold certain items, then the area around you will light up. It is a very useful feature.

These items will activate Dynamic Lighting when held:

  • Torch
  • Soul Torch
  • Redstone Torch
  • Lantern
  • Soul Lantern
  • Campfire
  • Soul Campfire
  • Glowstone Dust
  • Glowstone
  • Beacon
  • Crying Obsidian
  • Magma
  • Shroomlight
  • Jack o’Lantern
  • Enchanting Table
  • End Rod
  • Totem of undying (on and off hand)

Glowing Mobs

With this add-on installed, some of the mobs will also receive a glowing effect. It’s a subtle effect but definitely adds to your playing experience.
The mobs that will receive this effect are

Burning Mobs Glow

Well yes, pretty much what it says on the tin. When mobs are set ablaze they will light up since they are on fire.

Adjustable Brightness

When applying the add-on, you’ll also have the option to adjust the brightness of the dynamic lighting to your liking.

To support me and see how I made this add-on, you can watch this video

Known Unfixed Bugs

  • When getting very close to light emitting mobs, the light will flicker
  • When flying in creative at top speed, phantom light blocks will spawn (this doesn’t happen when walking, you can get rid of them by simply walking through them)
  • Standing in a non full block with no nearby air blocks (like a 1×1 tunnel with ladders), will block light

  • Added the End Rod and the Totem of Undying to the light emitting list
  • Increased the brightness of light emitting mobs (Blaze, Vex, Magma Cube and burning mobs) to light level 7
  • Greatly reduced flashing (nearly never happens now)
  • Reduced flickering when close to a light emitting mob
  • Standing on/in blocks like snow or tall grass will no longer prevent you from emitting light (except if no air block is near)
  • Added a .zip download for people who prefer it


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