Early First Look at the Honor 10


XDA has an early look at the upcoming Honor 10 phone. In this video we will unbox the new device and take a close look at it.

The Honor 10 shares the same Kirin 970 chipset found in the Honor View 10 and Huawei P20. This means that the same AI-powered camera is in the Honor 10, but this time it comes with Semantic Image Segmentatio technology. The camera can detect multiple scenes within the same frame and apply multiple filters precisely, creating much better looking photos. We have a full review on this camera in the near future.

Honor 10 Specs
Display 5.84″ 1080x2280p
Camera 16+24MP / 24MP
Chipset Kirin 970
Storage 65/128GB
Battery 3400mAh
OS Android 8.1

Honor 10 Forums

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