eBay now lets you sell old phones on the platform and get instant payouts


eBay announced today a new trade-in program that allows you to list an old or unwanted phone on the platform for sale and instantly get a voucher in return as a form of payout. That means you won’t have to manage the whole selling process with the eBay voucher.

The eBay Instant Selling program promises a return up to 40% higher than the other phone trade-in providers including Gazelle, EcoATM, and AT&T. To get started with the selling program, visit its website and enter your device details to see if it’s eligible. Then you can proceed with image uploads and tap the “List” option after accepting the terms. You will also get your instant voucher which you can use to buy a new device on eBay.

For a Samsung Galaxy S9, you can get $240 on Gazelle, $55 on EcoATM, $300 through the AT&T trade-in, and $325 through Verizon trade-in. Meanwhile, eBay’s program values the device at up to $406.

Eligible devices currently include the unlocked, Verizon, and AT&T models of the Galaxy S7 to S9+ and the iPhone 6S (16GB and higher) to iPhone X (256GB). The company promises to add T-Mobile, Sprint, Google Pixel, and select LG phones to that list in November.

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