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Hello, I’m ecstacide, and I made my first pack called “Ecstacide’s 16x PvP Pack”. This is my first submission to MCPE DL. This pack includes custom netherite textures and outlined ores! This texture pack took me a long time to make. and it’s finally here. Leave feedback in the comments if you liked it or not!

Some exotic features is that this pack has a dark menu GUI, custom netherite items that sync in with the pack, custom sun, and many other features.

I did not design all the of textures in this pack, although I did some. Here are the packs I used to partially create my pack.

– Huahwi InFinite 16×16 (1.9) (Java)

– BlueCraftPlays’ BlueVolt PVP Pack v1.2

– LinusDev’s Night Vision Pack (shader)

– TimeDeo’s 2k pack

– Josh Spark and K3wl’s Ore Outliner

More details about the specifics of what the packs bring to this pack can be found in the credits.txt file. Make sure to read the readme.txt file, too.



DM Me questions on Discord / Discord server or you can comment on this submission.

Discord tag: ecstacide#8613

Join the Discord Server:

if you wanted to donate something i dont have a paypal but you can send me feedback on discord (ecstacide#8613) or a message on xbox (RancidWord24) makes my day when I hear a fan liking it

– sky
– crosshair
– netherite sword texture changed but still looks the same style

– fixed pumpkin overlay so it looks like nothing

– armor models

– hit sound

– particles

– crosshair shortened (may be changed in the future)

– HUD aesthetics

– beautiful sky (requires beautiful sky option on)

– flashing string so noticable when placed

– animated ores

Added Xbox Install Guide (Global Resources, works on servers too)

every time i update this pack the changes will be here

i am constantly updating this pack this is where the changelog goes


Xbox Install Guide: 


Supported Minecraft versions

1.16 (beta)



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