ENHANCED BIOMES (1.14+ 1.15) (beta)


Do you feel the same that the default minecraft’s biomes and shader are too boring and too plain, well this is the add-on for you, this add-on is a combination of enhanced biome pack and a shader that it’s complemented with.

  • There are now more natural generated tall grass.
  • Deserts have more cactus but not too many just enough.

  • The Birch Forest does now have an abundant number of Birch trees and amazing hills.

  • Savannah have more Acacia trees and lots of tall grass.

  • Taiga Biome now have various trees and some additional small hills.

  • The extreme hills now generates more magnificent terrain.

  • The shader complemented with the nether world.

  • The Swamp Land now grows acacia trees and became more darker because of the shader.

  • Here is a village in a Taiga Biome that’s very well generated.

-updated to 1.15 (beta) and still compatible with 1.14+ versions

  • beta text remover was added to the resource pack
  • updated download links for the resource pack and  .mcaddon file 

the .mcaddon file of the addon is added and updated the other download links

  • the first two links are invalid so I updated download links


Supported Minecraft versions

1.15 (beta)

Source link


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